Physics tells us that, when a container is sealed, if you apply heat, pressure will build within the container. Conversely, if you apply pressure, whatever is contained within that container will grow hot.

Potters are artists. More appreciated possibly in less developed parts of the world where their wares provide for the transportation, storage and preparation of food. Pot making is not a simple task, it requires great skill not only in molding the clay but also in its baking – if the fire is too hot, the pot will crack, making it useless for cooking.

The unscrupulous pot maker learned to place wax in these cracks and cover this over with potting material in order to make the pot appear whole. The unsuspecting buyer would take this home and, when it was employed over the fire containing the liquids required in preparing their food, the wax would melt, the food would be ruined.

Neither that the pot maker nor his pots were “sincere”, a word derived from sin ceres which in Latin means “without wax”.

When under pressure, it’s going to get hot.


At the end of the movie Independence Day, all of the earthlings celebrate the salvation of earth from the terrors of a hostile and scientifically superior alien force. They are seen in all of their ethnicity, in their native dress – including Peruvian llamas and the Great Wall of China, staring at the sky and cheering in unison as all of the bad guys’ spacecraft come tumbling to earth. Oh, what a joyous moment! United we stand! Hip hip hooray!

Inevitably science fiction is futuristic in nature. Most of the movies conclude with a message of hope – a “better world”. It seems that we are addicted to this message of a “better world”. Governments and business insure their survival by selling a “better world”. Not surprisingly, many of our leaders have aligned themselves with Hollywood types, possibly seeking inspiration for future fantasies to motivate a receptive and ever hopeful population.

However, as we approach our future – leaving our past behind, many questions arise as to whether this is and will indeed be a better world.

Through the course of the last 75 years, our company has represented both government and large and small corporations in the acquisition and design of real estate facilities. During that time, we have experienced firsthand the changes that have occurred in government and corporate cultures and how these have manifested themselves in their facilities.

As an independent organization with over 100 years and 4 generations of real estate perspective from which to draw, we have also viewed how these changes have affected both our organization and those of our competitors.

It is our hope in providing this blog that we can offer insights or truths – and some fun – that will not only enhance our general welfare and culture but also can provide all readers an expanded perspective that will aid them as they navigate the course ahead.

We do not attempt to draw conclusions but believe that these truths will ultimately impact all of our futures.