01.06.17 – A Cord of Three Strands, Cont’d – The Team or Tribe

The team or tribe in the business world can start out as small as two people and grow from there.

Going back to the fact that a gifted worker will inevitably generate surplus, this most often comes in the form of additional opportunities to do business. Because a gifted worker will invariably have standards which he applies to the way that he does business, these opportunities can become overwhelming without the support to continue to deal in a manner that he views as compatible with his standards.

As addressed earlier, this support can come in the form of outsourcing to persons with gifts specific to the tasks which make up the assignment. And, this can be effective to a certain degree. However, in order to take full advantage of the potentiality that occurs through our applied gifts, it is best to employ others with similar gifts who are also employed in and familiar with the full range of tasks that the assignment might require. These individuals cannot be outsiders. They must be members of your team or tribe.

There is an inevitable conflict between quality and quantity. Team members must be supervised and corrected as necessary to insure that the final work meets the standards of the originator. This means that time must be allocated to accomplish this; or, put another way, no gifted worker can ever expect to achieve the highest level of satisfaction in his work without providing time for the passing on of his ways to others.

In our very competitive culture, it seems odd to equip others to do our job or eventually even to take our job; however, this is how it must be done. Through the course of time, this transference of skill should go both ways. In a team environment, without the presence of selfishness and obstinance, this can be a very rewarding benefit that, in our opinion, is a critical element to navigating through an ever changing business climate. This requires common values, a commitment to long term thinking and unselfishness.

By increasing the number of gifted associates, we insure a continuous source of business opportunity from which all of us can benefit and achieve recognition in our industry for the high standards that we demand of ourselves in our service to our client.

This organization exists for the growth and perpetuation of a standard of doing business which will inure to the benefit of our clients and our associates without fear that our future will ever be sold off as a means to provide for a former associate’s “golden years”!

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